About Me

My name is Michael Marner and I like developing new ways of using and interacting with computers. I like building things that have never been built before.

I completed a PhD investigating interaction and user interface techniques for Spatial Augmented Reality. I worked in a post-doc researching novel interaction for large graph visualisation. Using the technology developed during my PhD I have helped build interactive, projection mapped theatre productions.

I am also the Chair of the Board and an announcer at Three D Radio, a 100% volunteer run community radio station in Adelaide.

Outside all this, my interests are music, downhill mountainbiking, CS stuff in general and teaching. I play the drums, piano, and a few chords on guitar. I also enjoy a dabble in audio engineering when I get around to setting all my equipment up. I have also created video tutorials for Java and Git which have been watched more than 240,000 times.

My Curriculum Vitae

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